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As with so many things in life, perspective is important. On the surface it’s easy to say Bing likes SEO. But what does this actually mean? Do we actually care whether you have clean URLs, H1 tags and properly written meta descriptions? Sure we do, but the reasons might not be what you’re thinking. At the very core of its work, SEO is about improving a website. In today’s ever-populated SERPs, that’s important. Small things can help your website appear ahead of a competitor in the results, and with so much money online today, every advantage counts, right?

Well, yes and no.

Ranking well today requires so much more than just tweaking basic, on-page technical factors.

And you can never escape the basic rule of business: that being you need a positive ROI to stay in business long term.

As an SEO, you’ve been asked before “What’s the return if we insert an H1 tag on that page?” And your answer usually began with “…er…”, “…umm…” or some other general stammering. Savvy amongst the SEO crowd would gravitate towards an answer that started sort of like this, “Now, you see, SEO isn’t about individual items, but the sum of all the parts combined…” The bottom line remained however, that in your heart of hearts you knew the actual, direct answer to the question is “The H1 tag installation alone will likely net no measurable gain.” At some point you need to be honest if the work you’re doing actually returns a net positive gain to the company. Does chasing that one lingering on-page element change the balance sheet at the end of the month?

via Bing – Does Bing like SEO? You bet your ahrefs we do… – Webmaster Center blog – Site Blogs – Bing Community.


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